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Our Chefs

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Yoshihiro Matsuki

Yo Matsuki is a world-class sushi chef, and honors Onimusha Japanese restaurant with his skill and great knowledge.

Throughout Asia, Yo Matsuki is recognized as one of the best sushi chefs alive today, and is famous for his greatly praised inari, which is arguably the finest in the world.

Chef Matsuki welcomes you to Onimusha Japanese restaurant, and looks forward to preparing delicious sushi for your visit.
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Souta Ichigo

Souta Ichigo came to Onimusha Japanese restaurant as an apprentice, and learnt from Ryu Sato and Dai Shimizudani, the famous Japanese cuisine duo.

After apprenticing with the masters at Onimusha Japanese restaurant, Souta Ichigo traveled back to his homeland of Japan and proceeded to become a master chef in his own right, famous for his prawn dishes.

Souta Ichigo hopes you will join him for dinner at Onimusha Japanese restaurant, and looks forward to introducing you to his Japanese seafood dishes.
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Yoshihiro Matsuki's story

There are few chefs in the world who manage to successfully balance deep tradition, genuine innovation, and exquisite presentation. Yoshihiro Matsuki is one of them. Matsuki is the third generation in his family to cook.

After traveling through France, he returned to his family and worked alongside his father at Yo. His modern approach to his forefather’s classic cooking, steeped in ceremony and meaning, has redefined how many chefs regard this high-level Japanese cuisine inside and outside of Japan.