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Onimusha is the art of Japanese dining, a harmony of style, substance, tradition and innovation.

For a business or longer enjoyable lunch, you will journey through the pleasures of traditional Japanese cuisine presented to you in a fresh and exciting way.

Onimusha offers a superb menu in a contemporary and welcoming setting.
In the restaurant, you will find yourself surrounded by unique Japanese artwork and pottery, complementing the restaurant's modern yet traditional design.

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Wagyu Beef Special

Wagyu cattle produce meat that is rich in protein and essential fats such as ‘Omega 3 like’ monounsaturated fatty acids. These fats are displayed as white-fleck “rivers” within the red meat, which gives the meat its marbled appearance. This marbling is responsible for the firm texture of the raw chilled meat, but melts during grilling to provide a distinctively juicy taste as well as tenderness and an exceptional flavour.

Wagyu Beef is of the same superior quality that of the highly marbled Kobe beef, only the appellation is different due to the region where it is reared. The Australian standard of Wagyu quality grading is based on a marble score range from 0 to 9. At Onimusha Restaurant, we only use sirloin beef with a marble score over 8. This quality is only available at Onimusha; you will be impressed by its outstanding taste!